Testosterone Replacement Therapy

We also prescribe medications such as Viagra and Cialis to treat Erectile Dysfunction.


We recognized the need in our community for a clinic that would focus on men's health in a non-surgical fashion.  We listened to many frustrated men voice complaints about their primary care provider not addressing their concerns.  We get that.  The fact is, primary care providers are "in the trenches" and extremely busy handling many complicated medical issues every day.  Adding a "Low-T" conversation to a 15 minute office visit about Diabetes, Hypertension, and Cholesterol can be overwhelming.  Low-T deserves a visit all by itself, so we decided to provide that to Fayetteville and surrounding communities.  If your PCP, Urologist, or Endocrinologist is adequately handling your Testosterone deficiency, then please continue your current care with them.  However, if you do not have a PCP, or your PCP is unwilling to address your concerns, PLEASE stop in or call us for an appointment to conduct a thorough medical history focused on issues such as decreased energy levels, ED, endurance, and stamina to name a few of the symptoms that may be attributed to low Testosterone. Once we establish a good a history, we will need to rule out other causes of symptoms such as Prostate Cancer, Sleep Apnea, Anemia, or Thyroid Disease.  We will require you to obtain labs to establish a baseline, to confirm a diagnosis, and rule out other medical problems.  All of this is done quickly, usually at the first visit.  


To be clear, we are not in the business of prescribing Testosterone for body building or to enhance athletic or sexual performance in men who are not suffering from a medical illness.  We are licensed medical providers trying to help alleviate the symptoms of low testosterone in men in our community.  We may also prescribe medications for ED, and of course, we offer and encourage obesity management as well.  

In administering Testosterone therapy, our goal is to get you feeling as "good" and "young" as we safely can by optimizing your Testosterone levels.  We will carefully monitor your progress along with your blood levels.  This will require monthly visits initially which will be stretched to every three months once we are satisfied with our dose protocol.  These visits are essential for us to identify and address any side effects.  At All-American Weight Loss and Wellness, we will make your safety our number one priority.  That's a PROMISE!