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I have Diabetes. Can losing weight lower my blood sugar?

YES. Losing weight can lower your blood sugar if you have Type II Diabetes - sometimes to a level where Diabetes medication can be reduced or even eliminated.

Can I reduce high cholesterol by losing weight?


Weight loss, along with eating a lower fat diet and exercising can lower cholesterol levels.

Can losing weight help high blood pressure?


Weight loss can help reduce blood pressure -sometimes to a level where you can reduce or even eliminate your blood pressure medication.

Can losing weight help with sleep apnea?


Even a modest weight reduction may alleviate the need for long term therapy or upper-airway surgery

Could being overweight be the reason I have had problems getting pregnant?

YES. A woman's weight can sometimes affect her fertility.

Would losing weight help joint pain and low back pain?

YES. Losing weight can reduce the wear and tear on your joints. Losing weight around your abdomen can alleviate stress on back muscles, thereby decreasing pain.

Does being overweight increase my risk for developing heart disease?


Being overweight greatly increases your risk of developing heart disease.

How much will the medical weight loss program cost?

We will develop a customized weight loss program for you that also fits your budget. We offer military discounts and other incentives to make the program more affordable. Call us for detailed pricing information.

Once I lose the weight, how will I keep it off?

Weight maintenance is part of our comprehensive program.

We help you develop healthy habits and lifestyle changes to ensure you keep the weight off.