"I have been struggling for a few years to lose weight. I just can't find the motivation and energy to keep it up. The weight just keeps coming and it seems like when I try to eat better and exercise, it's still not coming off and I give up." AAWL patient

As a healthcare provider and co-owner of a wellness center, these are comments I hear and read frequently. As another female approaching 40, I feel these comments and the struggle behind them. It is tough and discouraging to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight with all the challenges we face in day to day life.

My job is to help you lose weight by prescribing the most effective and safe medications I can while helping you make the necessary lifestyle changes to set you up for continued success.

My job is to listen without judgement, be your cheerleader to motivate and encourage you on your weight loss journey, provide you with up-to-date research-based medical care, and continue to adjust your treatment plan as needed.

When you come back to follow up with me and your weight is down, inches are down, body fat is down and your confidence is through the roof....that is MY motivation.

Will it be work? YES.

Will it be hard? YES.

Will it be worth it? YESSSSSSS!!!

What is your motivation for change in 2023?

Ashley Adamo, PA-C